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Grounded in our commitment to the values of belonging, equity & access, integrity, learning, and well-being, we engage and support our students as they build a community within their student organizations and develop as leaders.


Belonging: "We foster experiences, relationships and environments to ensure that every student feels a firm and abiding sense of belonging and contributes to the good of our community," in alignment with Our Most Important Work in Student Affairs.

Equity & Access: We advocate to reduce systemic barriers and create equitable access to opportunities for all students. We strive to create pathways to student engagement that are intentional and empowering.

Integrity: We aim to embody our values in manners that are consistent and reliable.

Learning: We cultivate a culture of curiosity and critical thinking.

Well-Being: We approach each student interaction holistically with a focus on relationships, self-care and care for others.

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 and Event-Related Updates

Please check the Gathering website for information about current guidelines for event and parties.

Please check the Cardinal Recovery website for information about the current phased restart of activities on campus and Health Alerts website for the latest COVID-19 information.

For student organizations engaging with temporary community members during this time, please review the policy and process for engagement with them.

For student organizations engaging with minors, please review the In-Person Programs and Activities Involving Minors policy.

Events and Gatherings Space Use Policy for AY 2021-22
In academic year 21-22 the university will experience unusual constraints on space and will need to prioritize spaces for curricular use. Learn more about the new Space Use Policy for Events and Gatherings in AY 21-22.

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