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Our Purpose

To help students find and foster their passions while developing leadership and life skills.

We Value

  • Inclusivity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Organization well-being
  • Collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • Personal balance

Contact Us

  • Drop-in Hours: Wednesdays, 3–5 pm. 
  • Peer Advisor Hours: Thursdays 7–9 pm and weekly calendar.  
  • Office Hours: 8 am5 pm (MonFri).

Peer Advisors

  • Peer advisors are available on a drop-in and scheduled basis about 40 hours each week, including Thursdays 7–9 pm. See our calendar.
  • They are experienced student leaders and excel with financial, banking and event-planning advice.
  • For specialized or complicated issues start with your assigned advisor, below.

Chris Mathy

Chris Mathy '16 

Chris's StanfordWho Listing

About Chris: Chris is a junior majoring in Bioengineering. He's originally from Champaign, Illinois, but he likes the Bay Area in spite of its lack of corn and soybeans.  He was a bass/beatboxer for the Stanford Harmonics during his first two years at Stanford, and now spends his time with SAL, the ASSU Exec funding team, and his laboratory research. He loves playing the guitar, camping, and talking all things NBA.

Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller '15 

Lauren's StanfordWho Listing

About Lauren: Lauren is a senior from Chicago majoring in history and political science. In addition to her work with SAL, she's involved in Stanford's Pre-Law Society, the ASSU, and Pi Beta Phi Sorority. Lauren is very passionate about political TV dramas and is always looking for someone to discuss the West Wing or House of Cards.

Sean Scott

Sean Scott '15

Sean's StanfordWho Listing

About Sean: Sean is a junior from Ridgefield, Connecticut, majoring and co-terming in Computer Science.  He is involved with Redwood Outdoor Club, SPOT (Stanford Pre-Orientation Trips), Stanford Prison Experiment (the club Frisbee team), and Habitat for Humanity.  On a typical weekend, you'll find Sean biking, backpacking, playing tennis, or traveling!

Robert Chun

Robert Chun '16

Robert's StanfordWho Listing

About Robert: Robert is a junior majoring in economics who hails from the great state of Illinois. He spends tons of time reading about everything from technology to politics, and would love to be sent the best thing you read last week. A veteran of Stanford in Government, Robert enjoys enthralling his friends with facts about the Earned Income Tax Credit, but he is happiest when exploring the country on long and meandering road trips.

John Armstrong

John Armstrong

John's StanfordWho Listing

About John: John is a master's student studying education, and has worked previously as a high school teacher, administrator, and in an educational non-profit. He attended Colorado College as an undergraduate, and loves to spend time in the mountains and desert. Since college, he has lived in the Marshall Islands, Iowa, Colorado, Mexico, and Oakland. John is best known for writing about himself in the third person and for pouring milk before cereal when preparing breakfast. 

Professional Staff

  • Professional staff are most helpful for major events, complicated issues and personal concerns. 
  • They are available on a drop-in basis, first-come, first-served every Wednesday 3-5 pm.
  • Appointments can be made by calling 723-2733.

Nanci Howe holding a goat

Nanci Howe

Associate Dean and Director
Nanci's StanfordWho Listing

About Nanci: Nanci was writing this bio when a student walked in the door asking for help. While we await Nanci's full bio, check out the picture of her with a goat.

Photo: Nanci holding a goat as a part of the Stanford Goat Project, a fundraiser in White Plaza put on the by the Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship.

Areas of Responsibility: ASSU/GSC/Undergraduate Senate, Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Other Orgs), Athletic (Outdoor Rec Orgs), Political events and groups, Sophomore Class Presidents, Policy development and interpretation, Off-campus Fundraising, New Org Processes, ASSU Speaker's Bureau, The Daily, Recreational Orgs, Social Orgs, Debate, and Pre-Professional Orgs. 

Snehal Naik smiling

Snehal Naik

Assistant Dean and Associate Director
Snehal's StanfordWho Listing

About Snehal: Snehal came to Stanford after working at universities in Boston, New York City and Monterey.  As an UCSD undergrad he was active in student government, campus programs and concert planning.  He also served as an orientation leader and RA. Snehal goes to as many student events as he can - - riding a camel at Israeli Independence Day was a highlight. 

Areas of Responsibility: Athletic (Club Sport, Other), Academic groups, Health and Wellness groups, Media/Publications Orgs, Stanford Concert Network Advisory Board, International Orgs, Peer Advisor Program, Workshop Schedule, White Plaza, Junior Class Presidents, and the Alcohol Advisory Board

Ankita Rakhe smiling

Ankita Rakhe

Assistant Director
Ankita's StanfordWho Listing

About Ankita: Ankita has worked at Stanford since the summer of 2012. She previously worked at Santa Clara University. Trinity University (TX), and The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). As an undergrad at Vanderbilt University, Ankita held leadership positions in the South Asian student organization; a mentoring and tutoring organization; her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi; and in new student orientation. Ankita is loves working directly with the student orgs she advises because it allows her to see passion and dedication.

Areas of Responsibility: Athletic (Martial Arts) Orgs, Community Service Orgs, Ethnic/Cultural Orgs, Religious Orgs, Social Awareness orgs, the Stanford Fund Partnership, CardinalSync, SAL Website, Social Media & Communication, Student Activities Fair, The Leadership INITIATIVE, and Re-registration Process.