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Apply to Be a SAL Peer Advisor

Our program of SAL student peer advisors provides a part-time student position to advise our student leaders and assist SAL staff to deliver advice and services for student organizations during the academic school year, with a minimum 3 quarter committment

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What you would do:

  • Advise: Provide one-­on-­one advising about event planning and funding on a drop-­in basis and scheduled  basis.
  • Reach-­out: Conduct regular outreach efforts and represent the office at various campus programs.
  • Consult: Gather and synthesize information from peer institutions for policy/program assessment and make recommendations for staff
  • Special Projects: Participate in special projects, such as The Stanford Fund Partnership (TSF), student advisory boards, benefit fundraising events and specific major events
  • Participate: Actively participate in regular SAL staff projects and meetings.

What we’re looking for:    

  • A positive attitude with a strong work ethic.
  • A set schedule of 9 hours of in-office work, plus 1 hour of email outside of work every week.
  • Effective advising skills, including strong problem solving abilities and a collaborative interpersonal work style.
  • Well-­honed organization skills, attention to detail, the ability to manage multiple projects with prompt follow-­through and a commitment to a regular, weekly work schedule.
  • Interest and/or experience in student activities and student groups. Previous financial officers and events planners is a plus!
  • Afternoon availability. Occasional night and weekend assignments.
  • Active and regular participation in all aspects of a busy and dynamic office.
  • Willing and ability to learn quickly.
  • Students from all backgrounds and experiences, both undergraduate and graduate, are encouraged to apply. Work-­study options are also available.

What we'll do for you:                                          

  • Actively involve you in all aspects of student activities work.
  • Provide you an opportunity for peer advisor team projects.
  • Work hard to ensure that you have a meaningful, ongoing, working with three experienced student affairs professionals.

To Apply:

Please submit a resume and your responses (1 paragraph each) to the following questions to Snehal Naik at

  • Why do you want this job?
  • What qualities would you bring to the office?
  • What ideas do you have for the office?
  • What are 2­‐3 tips you might tell a new student leader?
  • What specific and unique qualifications do you have that would be beneficial to SAL? (Video editing, Web design skills, Graphic Design, Photography)