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Event Registration

This page is for voluntary student organizations (VSOs), officially registered student organizations at Stanford. 

Create/Register an Event Video

What Is CardinalSync Events?

  • A streamlined event request system for meetings, events, parties, and benefit fundraisers.
  • A request form and searchable database that allows you to see the availability of classrooms, auditoria, and White Plaza immediately.
  • A process of coordinated responses from all offices through a single confirmation and instructions.
  • A filing system for the requests you submit, now found in your user profile.

Read Before You Begin Your Event Planning

  • Classrooms and auditora (ie. anything listed in 25Live) need to be submitted at least 7 days in advance. It is best to submit a request 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Submitting after business hours (5 pm or on weekends) will be counted as submititng for the next business day. (ex: Friday at 6 pm would count as submitting on Monday at 8 am)
  • Events in auditoria or outdoor spaces can take even longer. Plan a minimum of 1-3 months in advance.
  • Parties, benefit fundraisers, and races/runs/walks have different lead-times so please check if needed.
  • Ensure that you have enough money in your account before requesting space.
  • You must be an administrator or an officer in your CardinalSync portal to request an event.

Read before you fill out the Event Request

  • The form takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Fill out fields accurately for prompt approval. If rejected, you will have to resubmit.
  • Do not choose "All-Day" by the start time.  This feature leads to confusion since all day is evasive. 
  • You can request multiple spaces for each day. For multiple days, add a comment in the conversation. 
  • Click the "Previous" button to go back, not the browser back button.

Steps to Creating and Submitting an Event Request

Quick Steps


Login to CardinalSync.


Go to your organization's portal.

Go to "My Memberships" or type in the organization in the search bar.

Click "Events".

Find it on the menu bar along the top of your portal.

Click "Create an Event".

Find it on the right side of the screen.

Name  the event.

Upload a picture if you wish. Both the name and picture will appear on your portal calendar and be public. 

Choose "Category".

See below for detailed description of category below.

Choose "One-Time" or "Repeating" for Type.

For repeating events, be sure to include the correct day and time. 

Pick starting and ending time. Pick set-up time too, if needed.

Do not click "All Day" event.

Click "Choose Room". In the pop-up window, scroll through the list and choose a room. Click "Available - Request Reservation" to add it. 

If the space is not in 25Live (used for booking Old Union rooms) click "no" to the question about reserving space. A box will appread and you may type the room name in the space. Check first and see below for more details.

Provide description (required).

Description will be public on CardinalSync calendars.

Choose Participants.

Usually this can be ignored.

Choose Preferred Visibility.

See below for  a detailed explanation.

Ignore Advance Options


Press "Create Event" Button.

Request has been submitted.


Why do I have to provide category information 3 times?

  • On the top of "Create an Event" page the category prompt is linked to your CardinalSync portal and your own group categories. (Similar to Google calendar and the different colors for personal, work, etc.) The default calendar is "general"
  • On the bottom of "Create an Event" page the category prompt is linked to pre-set 25Live categories. Pick the one that fits best. View choices by clicking "Choose Room" and input a 25Live space.
  • The last category prompt gives specific questions for your event. Complete these questions accurately so your event can be approved.

How do I find the room I need?

  • Classrooms, auditoria and White Plaza is found in the searchable 25Live database. You can search by specific room, capacity or set-up and only available rooms will show. You may choose multiple 25Live rooms in one event request, but only for one-time events.
  • Other spaces including Old Union, Tresidder, residences etc. are not in 25Live you will need to type your desired space by chosing "no" to the question about reserving space. A box will appear and you can type your location(only one) in this box.
  • You can provide second and third choices in the conversation piece once your have submitted the form. You should also provide alternate dates here. If there is any more information that you wish to convey about the logistics, do so in the conversation. 
  • Only RSO 25Live space and White Plaza are available by the "Choose Room" button. Other 25Live space will be subsequently added after a trial period. Please see Choosing an Event Space in CardinalSync for more info on specific spaces.
  • If you do not see the "Choose Room" button contact SAL staff immediately - Ankita Rakhe.

What does visibility mean?

  • Visibility refers to how broadly do you want to broadcast your event through CardinalSync calendars.  You can post an internal event or an event open to the campus. Even though "Public" is a choice, events will not be viewable to anyone outside of Stanford, since access to Stanford's CardinalSync is for Stanford community only.
  • Events shared on "SAL Calendar" should only be campus-wide, large-scale events. SAL staff will have final approval of this feature. 

How can I ensure that my request is not rejected?

  • Provide complete and accurate information.
  • Make sure you click "Create an Event" button at the end of the form.
  • A party request can only be submitted by someone who has taken the party planning workshops. For details see.

What Happens After I Submit My Event?

  • University staff (SAL, OAPE or FSL) will review and usually approve your request promptly.
  • Requests are rejected because the information is unclear, needs more work, or does not comply with University policy. You will receive an email explaining next steps.