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Event Planning Policies


Recognized student organizations have the privilege of sponsoring events in the name of Stanford provided that they follow university policy, stay true to their approved mission and scope and work in close coordination with the university. Expectations include:
  • Approval. Student organizations must receive prior university event approval before any financial commitments made, invitations sent or advertising occurs.
  • Deadlines. University departments and ASSU have deadlines for event review and approval, funding and the provision of university services.  All must be followed.
  • Entrance Requirements. All events and meetings are considered public events unless declared " SUID only",  “invitation only” or “member only” at the time the facility is reserved and event approved.
  • Fronting. Student organizations cannot sponsor, schedule or front a non-university group or vendor in order to give them access to university space, name or access to Stanford students.
  • High Impact Events. High impact events require significant lead time and additional university review. Major events, outdoor events, activities with youth and those requiring substantial resources including security require strong organization, sufficient lead time and ongoing university consultation. 
  • Monies through ASSU. All expenses must be handled through the group’s ASSU account and be available for audit.
  • New Events or ones with Expanded Scope and Cost. New events must be carefully planned within the organization's existing mission, resources, event planning success and financial resources. Early advance consultation with SAL is expected a minimum of three months prior to the event; longer if significant funds must be raised.  
  • Off-campus Fundraising.  Fundraising from off-campus sponsors including cash and services requires good advance planning and prior university approval through SAL and Development.
  • Partisan Political Activities.
  • Security Requirements. The Department of Public Safety has final authority on determining all security requirements for university events.
  • Student Audience. Events must be targeted primarily for Stanford students and occur during the regular academic year, and not during university holidays or academic breaks. 
  • Student Led. In accordance with the policy of local autonomy, student group events must be initiated, led, and implemented by their student leaders. 
  • Sufficient Resources. The sponsoring student organization must fully demonstrate that it has sufficient resources (financial, volunteers, etc.) to successfully plan and run the event. Events can only be approved once your group has a strong financial plan and the majority of funding in hand.
  • Stanford's Academic Schedule. Most student organization events should not be held during the regular academic week so they do not compete with class time and access to classroom space.
  • University Mission. Events must complement the group’s existing mission and the mission of Stanford University.

Additional Policies and Resources