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Annual Registration

All student organizations must be registered with the university in order to operate in the name of Stanford and use university and ASSU resources and funds.


  • Register annually by the deadline. The regular deadline is the Friday after commencement. Orgs who have not registered will be inactive for the summer. Late registration will open in September. The deadline for late registration is the Sunday at the end of the third week of fall quarter.
  • Maintain an active roster of  at least 10 currently registered Stanford students, to be listed in both the people section of CardinalSync.


Registration Steps

Below you will find instructions of how to complete your organization registration. Look for short and easy CardinalSync videos at the end of each part.

 PART ONE -  (Outgoing Leadership) Complete registration form

  • A current administrator of your group must complete the registration process. If you do not have access have an outgoing officer (and administrator) add you as an administrator.
  • Find your organization portal and the "orange banner message" across the top indicating that you need to re-register.
  • Complete Portal Registration and Positionsinstructions and then click "FINISH".
    • Complete your portal's profile, with the information for your new leadership and any updates in general information. NOTE: you may leave your outgoing Financial Officer's information on here to maintain their MyGroups access until the fiscal year is over.
    • Tag your new leadership through the Positionsinterface. After the profile renewal is complete, they will all be given Administrator privileges automatically. NOTE: they must already have a CardinalSync profile. Your portal will not be approved until they have completed their forms. NOTE: You must tag your incoming Financial Officer here, even if you are keeping your outgoing Financial Officer on the portal's profile.
  • When complete, you will get an automated message that SAL received your re-registration.
  • After processing, you will receive a follow-up email confirming APPROVED or DEFERRED. Deferred instructions will follow.

For quick video instructions, see SAL's video on Registration/Update Your Profile.

PART TWO - (Incoming Leadership) Complete Positions forms and check portal

  • All tagged incoming leadership should receive a Positionsemail with a link to their required Positionsforms. Once these forms are fully submitted and pending, then your portal can be approved to give the proper privileges.
  • All indviduals who are tagged as the required Positionswill automatically be given administrative privileges. 

PART THREE - Give members desired administrative privileges

Since all the people in required Postitionswill already have administrative acces, you likely will not need to give updated any one else administrative access. However, below are insturctions in case you feel so compelled. We recomened that only 3 people have administrative privileges. 

  • In your portal, click "PEOPLE" tab on the left column to find your roster. 
  • To change the administrative privileges of a existing member in your roster, click on the member's name.
  • See new window with member's name. Find  "MANAGE" button. Click it.
  • Give desired privileges:
    • ADMINISTRATORS can edit your entire portal and request an event (only 3 members should be administrators).
    • OFFICERS can request events. They cannot edit (recommended to give officer privileges to a max of 4-5 people).
    • MEMBERS can have basic access. They cannot edit or request an event.
  • If the member is not yet on the roster, send the member an invite. Designate the desired access level at this time.

For quick video instructions, see SAL's video on Admin Privileges


  • Can't access the form? You probably don't have  access as an ADMINISTRATOR. Find a former offier/administrator of your group and have your access changed so you can edit the form. Still struggling? See a SAL Peer Advisor.