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Annual Registration

All student organizations must be registered with the university in order to be a recognized student organization able to operate in the name of Stanford and use university and ASSU resources.

Important Things you Need to Know

  • Register annually by the deadline. Organizations that are not registered with newly elected leadership by the deadlines cannot operate in the name of Stanford, hold events or access ASSU or university funding.
  • Spring deadline is the Friday after commencement and allows you to operate over the summer and register events and space beginning in late spring and summer for the next academic year.
  • Fall deadline opens September 1 and ends the Sunday at the end of week three.
  • Recognition is required to operate in the name of Stanford. Organizations operating while not registered are doing so in violation of university policy and are subject to discplinary action.


  • Register annually by the regular deadline of the Friday after commencement. Late registration is the Sunday at the end of the third week of fall quarter and opens September 1.
  • Maintain an active roster of at least 10 currently registered Stanford students, to be listed in the people section of CardinalSync.

1. Outgoing Leaders Add New Leadership Info

Purpose. To have outgoing leaders replace their info with incoming leader info.

  • You will need. Three new elected authorized reps (president, vice-president and financial officerE) and seven returning members who will be registered in the fall. ***You may retain your current FO until all bills are paid. 
  • For instructions. See quick video on Registration/Updating your Profile. 
  • You have completed your work when you will get an automated message that OSE RECEIVED your re-registration. 
  • You are approved when you will receive a follow-up email confirming APPROVED or DEFERRED. Deferred instructions will follow.
  • Tip. Can't access the form? You probably don't have access as an ADMINISTRATOR. Find a former officer/administrator of your group and have your access changed to ADMINISTRATOR so you can edit the form. Still struggling? See a OSE Peer Advisor.

2. Incoming Leaders Complete Portal and Position Info  

Purpose. To have new leaders review accuracy of portal information and sign-off on the email link agreeing to their leadership responsibilities, including following all university policy.

  • You will need. Three authorized reps already entered into your portal in step 1 and a positions email already received with appropriate link.
  • For instructions. See quick video ???
  • You have completed your work each new entered authorized rep from step 1 has received their positions email and "signed off".  Authorized reps should also review their constitution and all other portal information, checking for accuracy.

3. Giving members Administrative Privileges

Purpose.  If needed, give other members administrative privileges that allows them to access additional CardinalSync functions such as registering events.

  • For instructions. See quick video on Admin Privileges.
  • Tip. Since the three authorized reps already have privileges you may not need to add others, unless you have a large leadership core and others doing major event planning..